Goodbye Post Test Server + Source

Given my original goal of releasing Post Test Server and never thinking about it again, I certainly never thought I’d see the day I was writing a goodbye post. But, all good things must come to an end. In this case, a recent round of bot based spam drove my Google Bill higher than I’d like and after 15 years this seemed like a good enough reason to move on from this game.

So, without too much fanfare, I leave you with some things:

The source for the current version of Post Test Server v2. This is a Golang project meant to be hosted on Appengine. If anybody does anything with it, great. Just remember that if you host it publicly, you can wake up with a $1,000 Appengine bill.

The source for the original Post Test Server. I won’t beat around the bush on this one, this is a gross PHP script. But, it got the job done.

A link to Request Bin which is the closest similar thing I could find online.

5 thoughts on “Goodbye Post Test Server + Source

  1. Thank you for keeping this up for so long!

    I found PTSV2 incredibly useful for a bunch of projects I worked on and also understand why you discontinued it.


  2. Hi,

    I had ptsv2 bookmarked and just tried to access it for the first time in a while. It was perfect when i had the need a while back, so thank you!


  3. Hey Henry, I’ve used post test server as long as I’ve been a programmer (apparently my career and PTS started life around the same time) and having just hit my bookmark for this long-time trusted tool I am super sad to hear you’ve had to retire it but completely appreciate why.

    Thanks for all the years of freely providing it though it’s been incredibly useful and I’ll miss it greatly.


  4. I used PTS-V2, on and off, for some time and just came to use it again to find it had gone. It was a fantastic resource which I’m sad to see go.
    These sorts of issues are why we can’t have nice things!
    I’m sure it’s no consolation but I could have supplied a website for you to use, free of charge, for this great service. I expect you just wish to move on now, though.
    So I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.and will keep an eye out for your next project.


    1. Thanks for the offer Sad_Face. (It feels weird to reply to a name like Sad_Face with a happy face, but we’re doing it!: :) )

      The website hosting isn’t the problem. The challenge is that at the scale it was operating at, a simple website falls over. Instead it was built on Google’s Cloud to leverage their Cloud Data Store tooling.


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