Introducing Post Test Server V2

Screenshot of the PTSV2 Homepage

This post is such a big deal for me. After about 10 years of lamenting the limitations of Post Test Server, I’ve finally released a new version, Post Test Server V2. I talk more about it on the site, but the high level story is that the old version had a lot of drawbacks. People couldn’t delete their content, it wasn’t flexible enough, and it did not checking before saving the dumps so once botnets found it the cost to run the service became untenable. This new version has been rewritten in Go and is hosted on Google App Engine. Check it out:

Over the years a lot of people asked me for the source for Post Test Server. I didn’t share it because I was embarrassed that I wrote something in PHP (even if it was 15 years ago) and it was literally just dumping the values of some post variables so it didn’t seem worthwhile. But, now that I have a real replacement service I feel less bad sharing this:

13 thoughts on “Introducing Post Test Server V2

    1. No idea. This is > 10 years old and hasn’t been touched since so something fairly old I’m presuming. I also don’t believe it is using any real features of the language so I don’t think language version will cause any troubles.


  1. Hi Henry,

    I have started getting the following “Over Quota” error when testing with your server. Any idea when it is going to be fixed?


    Over Quota
    This application is temporarily over its serving quota. Please try again later.

    I love this server and thanks in advance for providing it for the public!


    1. It will reset tomorrow. (it’s a daily quota). I had somebody hitting the server 185,000 times an hour:
      I’ve deleted their bucket. Bear with me until this weekend and I’ll add code to block IPs of anybody who hits the service that much.

      I’m sorry I don’t have a better answer, but the quota limit just saved my butt so I’m not tweaking it just yet.


    1. Thanks for letting me know! It actually wasn’t being beaten up by any one actor this time. It just seems to be getting enough use that it is hitting the set $5 per day limit. I upped the limit. It will reset tonight (I can’t do anything about it until then) and then I’ll use the new limit tomorrow to push some changes that make it more efficient.

      Always something!


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