Post Test Server now supports custom status messages

Today, the system worked! I received an email from a user asking if I could add support for custom status codes to Post Test Server and I was happy to oblige. So I have added a new parameter which can be passed in the URL called: status_code which causes the server to return a response with the header set to: HTTP/1.0 $status Custom Status (where $status is the value of status_code). Regardless of what code is requested the post will still be dumped in folder in the usual way.

To make it very clear, hitting this url:
will cause the server to respond with HTTP/1.0 650 Custom Status.

2 thoughts on “Post Test Server now supports custom status messages

  1. Henry curious if you had thought about letting us set status code specific information….I wanted to test some browsers using post and returning a status code of 307…when this is done I like to be able to provide the redirect location…. its called location, and should trigger an automatic redirect (maybe not automatic) but I wanted to confirm


    1. I have a planned overhaul of this site. And in my next version I want to give users the ability to specify the entire response, headers and all. Because you are right, this isn’t possible today and it would be a neat feature.


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