Let me dump your post – Free HTTP Post test server

This past week I found myself writing code that had to submit some data to a webservice via an HTTP POST request. Not a particularly difficult task but it was on a platform I didn’t have much experience with and I wasn’t sure if I had formed the packet properly. In order to validate my bits I wrote a small php page which accepts POST requests and dumps them locally. Thanks to Dreamhost I’m now able to share this with everybody:


I’ll be slightly taken aback if anybody actually uses this thing, but when is that actually the point?

UPDATE: I added features!

38 thoughts on “Let me dump your post – Free HTTP Post test server

  1. It would be useful if the server would simulate different HTTP status codes. Having the 200 is useful, but I’d also like to test my code with 404 and 500 errors.


  2. Do you have a https site a can test posting to? I seem to be able to HTTP POST just fine using curl and php, however, trying to do HTTPS POST using curl and php doesn’t seem to be working…. so I’m trying to find a site with https I can use for testing, besides my own web server.


  3. Hi Henry,
    Thanks for the post server. It’s so nice to see my posts show! My problem is that I can’t get a post body. I am posting through a wifi module that allows only a single line for commanding the post, and I use “POST$/post.php?dump&html&dir=me&DATA= ” after which it appends automatically the data it is sending. (this whole thing of course is appended to “posttestserver.com”. I can also use “value” instead of DATA, which has the same effect but apparently sends binary instead of ascii. Anyhow, do you know of a way to tell your server that the data following the last ‘=’ should be in the post body, and not just in the query string?


    1. What you are describing is passing the data to the server in the query string. This makes it a GET request and not a POST and that is why you won’t see the data. Do you have a link to the library you are using to generate the request?


  4. Thanks! This helped me figure out something that has had me stumped for quite a while. I really appreciate you taking the time to do this.


  5. I have a question, I am adding authorization header to my POST and it is not showing up in the dump. I can however see that in the capture. Any idea why its not showing up in the dump?


  6. Here is what I am doing… request.setHeader(“Authorization”, “Basic dHJ1c3RlZFNpdGUxOmFiYzEyMw==”);

    Every other header works apart from Authorization…

    Thanks for looking into it.


  7. This is priceless. I have been looking for someone who had set something like this up. I post leads for clients to a lot of different CRM’s, most of which I’m completely unfamiliar, and with this it is perfect to see what those CRM’s are receiving. Thanks so much for this.


  8. Thank you very much for having this!! Saved my day :) I had been banging my head for some time now, to check if a POST from my android app was working.


    1. I used to have exactly this. But people are terrible and would write scripts that automatically deleted everybody’s posts just for fun. So I decided we can’t have nice things. :(


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