Photos from my first day at Palmer

This site didn’t have media on it so I dug up some photos taken by Josh Sweeney at Shoot For Details from a track day in the rain at Palmer Motorsports Park with my car and car from Ace Performance. This is quickly becoming my favorite track, not just on the east coast but of […]

Testing multipart/form-data uploads with Post Test Server

The fact that I am getting feature requests means people are actually using my post test server. This makes me happy 🙂 The most recent thing people asked for was multipart/form-data uploads. As an example for this behavior see my test form (which was submitted by a user who was super helpful). Update:This poor post […]

Post Test Server now supports custom status messages

Today, the system worked! I received an email from a user asking if I could add support for custom status codes to Post Test Server and I was happy to oblige. So I have added a new parameter which can be passed in the URL called: status_code which causes the server to return a response […]

Let me dump your post – Free HTTP Post test server

This past week I found myself writing code that had to submit some data to a webservice via an HTTP POST request. Not a particularly difficult task but it was on a platform I didn’t have much experience with and I wasn’t sure if I had formed the packet properly. In order to validate my […]