Added features to my free HTTP Post Dumping / Testing service.

A while ago I put together a very simple php script that dumps any HTTP Post it receives:

To my great surprise, people have actually started using it! I also found myself using it more and more in my own debugging and so I have added two features which further my original mission of maximizing this project’s value to effort ratio. Total effort is still under one hour.

New Features:

  1. Now dumps all Header parameters. Previously I was only dumping the ones that I thought relevant. Now you can see carrier and ISP inserted fields as well.
  2. You may now specify a directory in the query string to have your post written there. So instead of hitting: you instead hit: and then after selecting the current date you will see a myself directory containing your uploads

Hopefully this continues to help people. Even if it doesn’t, it helps me so I’m satisfied.

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